20’ high cube containers, (20’ long, 8’ wide and 9’6” high), are fantastic when you can find them. We are lucky to have one available in Detroit. Detroit doesn't get unusual containers like this often, so it is great in a market that has a lot of exciting container projects in the works.  It was slightly damaged in transit, but not too badly. We had special-ordered the container for a project and the damage was not compatible with the project, so we have this particular one left over. Please check out the pictures to see how great it looks!



A little background on 20’ high cubes

20’ high cube containers are a great option when you need that extra height for storage, but need that shorter length. However, they are only available in one-trip condition. Even then, they are still not that plentiful. This specific sized high cube container is not widely used in commercial shipping, so used 20' high cube containers are hard to come by. As far as specialty containers go, the 20' high cubes are known to be most consistently damaged in transit. Often then when the container needs to be moved, they are put on a regular 20’ chassis, or container trailer.  Most 20' chassis are made for standard containers, which are a foot shorter than high cubes.. Therefore when going under a low bridge, which has enough space for a standard 20' container to clear, there is a big problem. The truck generally keeps going under the container, but the container crumples up. This generally results in totaling the container and damaging the bridge. In fact, that did happen to another container on this order! To see pictures, click here. Low-bridging is so common that most companies do not want to deal with the hassle of having a large percentage of their new, incoming, expensive containers being damaged, that 20’ high cubes tend to be harder to come by.

That is why this one in Detroit is such a great option if you are in the area.

2 ends of 2 of the one-trip 40' high cubes available in Sterling Heights

2 ends of 2 of the one-trip 40' high cubes available in Sterling Heights

We are so excited to have 4 one-trip 40' high cubes available on consignment in Sterling Heights, MI. Detroit has not been getting many one-trip containers in the past year, so this is a great opportunity for someone looking for one-trip containers without the hassle of bringing them in from Chicago.

Check out the pictures below of the containers and a video. If you click on the pictures, you can see them a bit larger.

The customer selling these containers purchased a total of 5 one-trip 40' high cubes for a project, but are taking up so much space, they are slowing down the project. All of them are still in great condition and are in a protected warehouse. Due to a lack of space, the pictures are all very close to the actual containers.

Please call (877-374-5452) or email ( if you are interested in pricing. We can help with delivery if needed.

A used 40' high cube container is available outside of Rochester, MN

A used 40' high cube container is available outside of Rochester, MN


Super Cubes has a customer with a 40' standard container available in Rochester, MN. The conex container is wind and water tight, has some rust and dents, but in general good condition. The customer is motivated to sell.

The container also includes a lockbox that is not installed. The customer bought the lockbox but never got around to putting it on the container. The lockbox provides an extra level of protection for a padlock.

Super Cubes will facilitate the transaction and can recommend sources for transporting it if needed. It is a great option for anyone in southern Minnesota who doesn't want to pay to bring a container all the way from Minneapolis.

Please check below for more pictures of the shipping container. If you are interested in the container, please call or email us at 877-374-5452 or

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